Terms of Use

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3. Unsolicited Submission Policy

American Beverage Corporation (“ABC”), its affiliates, employees and contractors do not accept, review or consider any unsolicited ideas, suggestions or proposals, including, but not limited to, ideas relating to its current products, new products, product enhancements, advertising, marketing strategies, tradenames or designs (“Unsolicited Submission”). Please do not send any Unsolicited Submissions to ABC, its affiliates, employees or contractors.

This Policy is to avoid disputes arising from any potential similarities between a current or future ABC product, advertisement, promotion or the like and ideas included in an Unsolicited Submission. If, despite our policy, you submit an unsolicited idea to us, the following terms shall apply:

You agree that:

(1) the submission is non-confidential and non-proprietary;
(2) the submission and its content, including any related intellectual property rights, will automatically become the property of ABC, without any compensation to you or a third party;
(3) ABC shall have no obligation to review, return, or acknowledge receipt of any Unsolicited Submission; and
(4) ABC may use, distribute or other disseminate all Unsolicited Submissions for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

This Policy governs all (or any portion of) information contained in your Unsolicited Submission as well as any subsequent communications that you may have with ABC unless a formal agreement to the contrary is agreed to in written by ABC.

While ABC is unable to accept Unsolicited Submissions, we welcome your feedback regarding existing products. Please provide feedback on ABC’s products, excluding ideas that would violate this policy, at https://harvesthill.com/contact-2/. All feedback provided will be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary. ABC shall be free to use any feedback on an unrestricted basis, and without compensation to you or a third party.