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HUG® Fruit Rapids

Packed with intense fruit flavor and electrolytes to help hydrate and replenish, HUG® Fruit Rapids is the perfect grab-and-go beverage to enjoy both on and off the field! Now available at Walmart in two delicious flavors: Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch.

Little Hug Fruit Barrels - Original Variety Pack

Original Variety Pack

Everyone loves the Classics. Original Little Hug Fruit Barrel Variety Packs are packed with favorite old-school flavors, like Fruit Punch, Grape, Blue Raspberry and Kiwi Strawberry. Full of flavor and with 75% less sugar, Little Hug Fruit Barrels will please you and your little ones!

Little Hug Fruit Barrel - Tropical Variety Pack

Tropical Variety Pack

Just because you don’t live in the tropics doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavors! Bring a taste of the tropics into your home with a Little Hug Fruit Barrel Tropical Variety Pack. Enjoy 20 pack assortments of Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemonade and Tropical Punch.
Tropical flavor with only 2 grams of sugar per serving, beverage paradise!

Little Hug Fruit Barrel - Berry Blends Variety Pack

Berry Blends Variety Pack

Wild Berry, Cherry Berry, Blue Raspberry and Lemon Berry. Say that ten times fast! Treat your little ones to a bunch of delicious berry-flavored, on-the-go fruit drinks.
Now everyone can enjoy berry flavor packed with vitamins B and E!

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